Heritage Live

Heritage Live


“HERITAGE LIVE –The music of Pakistan” is a project by EUNIC Pakistan and Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education (FACE) along with the following partners:

  • European Union Delegation (EUD)

  • Institute for Art and Culture (IAC)

  • National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (NIFTH / Lok Virsa)

  • Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

EUNIC — European Union National Institutes for Culture — is Europe’s network of national cultural institutes and organisations, with 36 members from all EU member states and associated countries. Following countries have participated in this project.

  • Austrian Embassy

  • Embassy of Bulgaria

  • Embassy of the Czech Republic

  • Embassy of France & Alliance Française

  • Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany & Goethe-Institute

  • Embassy of Italy & Italian Agency for Development Corporation

  • Embassy of the Republic of Poland

  • Embassy of Romania / Institutul Cultural Român (ICR)


Heritage Live consists of a one-week music residency at Lok Virsa, Islamabad, including workshops on music business and social media for income generation for fourteen traditional Pakistani musicians. There shall also be a panel discussion on Women in Music. The artists shall also co-create music with European artists from eight countries and perform at various venues in Islamabad and Lahore. The music production, that includes seven music videos and tutorials, will be disseminated on various digital platforms. The project supports vulnerable musicians, including women, Afghan refugees and youth from rural areas of Pakistan reaching out to diverse communities to improve their socio-economic condition and developing inclusive and creative economies. The project also contributes to preserving and promoting Pakistan’s rich musical heritage and to fostering inter-cultural dialogue between the EU and Pakistan to pursue SDGs.


  • Contribute to developing entrepreneurial, communication and co-creation skills of indigenous musicians through workshops and collaborations.

  • Engage and empower diverse communities as beneficiaries specifically including women, Afghan refugees and the youth.

  • Contribute to preserving and promoting endangered music of Pakistan through music productions and media campaigns.

  • Build indigenous musicians’ recognition and visibility and ensure the visibility of EUNIC and partners as a new cultural entity on various media platforms.

  • Contribute to the promotion of intercultural dialogue between Pakistan and the EU through co-creation, music productions and live performances.



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